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An introduction to Computer Programming with HTML, PYTHON & DJANGO.
You will create a real-life project at the end of the course.

This is a Free Course.
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Current Available Courses

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Learn Python Programing - only GHc 800
- Introduction to Computer Programming
- Basic Building Blocks - Variables, Lists, Tuples, Loops,  etc
- Python Data Structure
- Python Functions
- Python File Handling
- Python Data Science
- Applied Python

Learn Website Designing - only GHc 800
-Introduction to HTML
-Introduction to CSS
-Introduction to JAVASCRIPT

Learn Advanced Website Development - only GHc 1000
-Advanced JavaScript
-Ruby on Rails OR Django OR LARAVEL
-Intro to Database Management

Learn Computer Networking - only Ghc 1,000
- Basic concepts in Networking and Network Terminologies
- Introduction to Local Area Networks
- Introduction to Wide Area Networks
- Understanding Wired and Wireless Networks (Twisted pair cables, Cables and Signaling)
- Serial Data Transfer and IP Addresses
- Wireless Encryption
- Understanding Internet Protocol
- Implementing TCP/IP in the Command Line
- DHCP: Installation and Configuration
- Understanding Routing and Configuring Routers
- Network Infrastructure, Firewalls and and Network Security

Learn Mobile App Development - only GHc 1,000
-Advanced JavaScript
-Vue JS
-Mobile Databases

Learn Advanced Database Management - only GHc 1,000
- Advanced SQL
- MySql
- PostgreSQL

All courses have practical hands on sessions.
Lectures and Coding Sessions are mainly conducted online via ZOOM.
A prospective student must have access to a desktop computer OR a laptop.
Students may occasionally be asked to come to the School for physical classroom sessions if necessary.